Basic principles of acousto-optic theory, on which acousto-optic devices are based on

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Radio Frequency
Laser applications

Opto-Electronic division

Created in 1979 , A.A sa evolved to become a world leader in the design and manufacturing of acousto-optic devices and all associated radio-frequency drivers . 
With full in-house manufacturing capabilities, A.A respond fast and in the most efficient way to any custom request or volume production.
Dedicated to customer's satisfaction , A.A's worldwide representation ensures quality products, local support with competitive prices.
To complete its manufactured range of products, A.A proposes in France a range of selectionned optical products (lasers, optical components, fiber optics, crystals) from its partners from all over the world.
Systel division
The System telecommunication telemetry division, created in 1994, is specialized in providing optimized solution for satellite communication market, telemetry and more generally microwave systems for military, space and industrial applications.

A.A is a world leader in the manufacturing of quality Acousto-optic and radio frequency devices .Close collaboration with universities and research institutes, provided invaluable knowledge and experience in the design and manufacturing processes of Acousto-optic devices and radio-frequency sources. Continuous R&D keeps pace with advances in laser and electronic technology to ensure A.A continues to offer state-of-the-arts products. A.A. offers its customers solutions from prototype design to large volume manufacturing thanks to its internal ressources :

In-house design capabilities:
AO design software, opto-mechanical design software, RF/microwave simulation software .
In-house manufacturing capabilities:
X-ray orientation, crystals and glasses sawing and polishing, Anti-reflexion coatings, metallic deposition, molecular bonding under vacuum .
In-house test and quality control equipments:
Laser interferometers, network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, digital oscilloscopes, a large range of lasers for final tests and controls, and more.

Mastering all critical areas of the AO and RF technology, allows A.A to accompany its customers from the concept design to large volume manufacturing, and to respond efficiently and flexibly to any request. A.A thrives to maintain a high-tech up-to-date line of products and excellent service.
The range of AA products is ideally completed by a selectionned range of laser equipments and components manufactured by AA partners (Pegasus Optik GmbH, Shangai Uniwave Technology Co Ltd.)

The range of products includes :
Diode Pumped Solid States Lasers (1064 nm and 532 nm).
Crystals (Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO 4, LibNO 3, BBO, LBO…).
Optical components (Lenses, Mirrors, Prisms, Filters…).
Fiber optic products (Collimators, Couplers, WDM, Attenuators, Isolators…).

AA Opto-Electronic 18, rue Nicolas Appert 91898 Orsay France
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